Zikra Audio Amplifiers:
Background and Technology

What is it that makes Zikra Audio amplifiers outstanding? Here, we give you the background story and details about the technology.


The Result of 35 Years of Development

The amplifiers from Zikra Audio are the result of more than 35 years of development work where sound and durability have been the keywords.

All the amplifiers are built by hand. Every chassis is made of hand-polished, non-magnetic stainless steel.

The wiring is a mixture of pure silver for the sonically important connections and Teflon-silver-plated copper in the power supply.

Components selected using blind testing

Everything has been built to achieve the best possible sound quality – without compromise – right down to the Audio Note 2W Niobium resistor, which has been chosen based on blind testing and durability.

The power supply is designed as a completely passive unit using transformers and capacitors. It is a construction that can last almost forever. All amplifiers have separate supplies.

"Every detail has been built to achieve the best possible sound quality – without compromise."

In Zikra Audio's most expensive amplifier series, interstage transformers have been chosen, which provide a much more dynamic amplifier, as the driver tube can work without limitation. These transformers are developed for the specific driver tube according to Zikra Audio's specifications. Here, the core material is nanocrystalline, which provides a very clean sound and lots of details.

The tube is selected because of sound quality

The input tube is EC8010, which is extremely quiet and has very low internal resistance. It offers several advantages, including better bandwidth to well over 100KHz. The tube is chosen because it sounds the best.

Enjoy a warm and dynamic music reproduction

Tube amplifiers use vacuum tubes instead of the solid-state transistors found in most modern amplifiers. But why use tubes? Because tube amplifiers produce a more natural sound with a pleasant warmth.
The frequency response is wider and the music reproduction is more dynamic. You will especially enjoy this when you listen to good recordings of classical music, jazz and acoustic live performances.

The sound-relevant output transformers have been wounded so that 100 percent of the induction is utilized. These are bifilar windings for better bandwidth and made of nanocrystalline, as this construction ensures the best possible sound.

Regardless of the model, we have chosen to use output tubes from Emission Lab. They have the best sound quality and last for very long – so when changing tubes, you should choose products from this manufacturer. Emission Lab provides a five-year guarantee when the purchase is registered on their website.

Prepared for your future preferences

You can choose between the following tube types: AD1, PX4, 300B and 300B XLS. All amplifiers are designed so that they can, for example, be converted from a PX4 to a 300B XLS; If you for instance change speakers and therefore lack power.

In other words: The amplifiers are prepared for your future preferences.