Zikra Audio

Sublime amplifier technology with separate power supply and a magnificent construction.


Excellent Transformer Coupled Triode Tube Preamplifier

The Zikra Audio preamplifier is a silent throughput to the power amplifiers. It is complete with all the basic controls you need for high-end audio. Inside, everything has been hand-built using single ended triode tubes.

A sublime high end-product for sound purists. The preamplifier comes in two variants, with or without balanced input. Furthermore, you get 10 years warranty on all Zikra Audio products.

The amplifier has a separate power supply which is built passively with several very high-quality choke coils as well as an oversized power transformer, resulting in a very clean and stable supply which is essential for sound quality and durability.

The preamplifier uses coils in the RIAA-part as well as hand-wound transformers both in the RIAA-part and line output. It helps to provide an unrivaled sound quality without loss of dynamics, timbre and overtones in the music.

Zikra Audio 2 Chasis Preamplifer LCR Riaa Nano X Core Silver Wired


Tube: 4 x EC8010
Controls: 1 x RIAA (MM), 2 x Line, 2 x Output
Balanced input: One of the two variants
Frequency band: 12-115kHz
Connections: RCA/WBT
Dimensions (WxDxH): 440 x 330 x 210mm
Weight: 25kg