Zikra Audio
Ultra High Definition Amplifiers and Turntables

Sublime tube amplifier technology built for high fidelity purists and music lovers all over the world.


Our Philosophy: The Best Sound Quality at Any Price

The best sound quality at any price. This has been the goal of Zikra Audio right from the beginning. Today, the company sells tube amplifiers and turntables to hi-fi purists around the world.
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Exciting New Preamplifier with Separate Power Supply 

The amplifier has a separate power supply which is built passively with several very high-quality choke coils as well as an oversized power transformer, resulting in a very clean and stable supply.

"The preamplifier uses coils in the RIAA-part as well as hand-wound transformers both in the RIAA-part and line output. It helps to provide an unrivaled sound quality without loss of dynamics, timbre and overtones in the music."

Michael Zingenberg
CEO, Zikra Audio

3 Product Series from Zikra Audio

The heart of your exclusive high end set is the tube amplifier. It spoils you with a dynamic, warm timbre and a wealth of details.

Zikra Audio offers you one of the world's best turntables made even better with a heavy plinth and an optimal tonearm base.

To perfect the sound from your turntable, connect Zikra Audio's outstanding Moving Coil step-up.

We ship all over the world
in robust and safe flightcases

All Zikra Audio products are individual, hand-built units. We cherish every single detail, and you get a product that has been tested and checked down to the smallest detail.

We accept orders from all over the world. And we ensure that your amplifier or turntable arrives in the same condition as when it left Zikra Audio. Therefore, all transport takes place in shockproof flight cases.

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